A Look at Three Years of Regional Impact

A Look at Three Years of Regional Impact

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Since 2016, the Discover Niagara Shuttle has connected more than 100,000 visitors and residents to 17 destinations along the Niagara River corridor, all the way from Old Fort Niagara in Youngstown, through Lewiston’s waterfront and small business district, along the Niagara Gorge to the bustling City of Niagara Falls and its beautiful parks and natural wonders.

A 2017 independent study of the Shuttle’s economic impact in Niagara County conducted by Tripp Umbach, a nationally recognized consulting firm, found that operation of the Discover Niagara Shuttle injected $35 million into the Niagara County economy during the 2016 season alone.

Attracting visitors to Niagara Falls is not enough to create a thriving tourism economy that impacts all of Niagara County. Keeping visitors here long enough to experience the many natural, cultural, and historic assets should be our common priority.

The Discover Niagara Shuttle is unique in being able to connect visitors to these remarkable assets. Over half of all riders listed the Discover Niagara Shuttle as a deciding factor in their choice to visit the Niagara Falls region, as indicated by an intercept survey of 310 riders in 2017.

With increased partnerships, funding, and marketing, the Tripp Umbach study projects the Discover Niagara Shuttle will have a potential $70 million economic impact by 2020. Critical to the success of the Discover Niagara Shuttle is the proposed 1% increase in the occupancy tax in order for the Shuttle to continuing operating in 2019 and beyond. Support of this measure will ensure that the Niagara Region continues to reap the benefits introduced by the Discover Niagara Shuttle for many years to come.

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