Whirlpool State Park

Whirlpool State Park is one of seven New York State Parks in the National Heritage Area. Located alongside the Niagara Gorge and Niagara River, it has two levels. The Upper Gorge Rim features many scenic overlooks of the Niagara River with spectacular views of the whirlpool and rapids. The natural history room on the Upper Rim Trail opens seasonally. The lower level is accessed by taking the staircase located just downstream from the main park area. The trail, at the edge of the Niagara River, provides a stunning vista of the Niagara Gorge and the Niagara River as it races through the narrowest part of the gorge, creating turbulent rapids and an amazing whirlpool. At the base of the gorge, you can hike upstream along the Whirlpool Rapids Trail past the Whirlpool to a point along the Whirlpool Rapids. You can return to this staircase to exit the gorge, or take the Devil's Hole Trail downstream to the Devil's Hole staircase to the top of the gorge at Devil's Hole State Park. From there, you can take the rim trail back to Whirlpool State Park.

  • Free Parking
  • Free Admission
  • Extended Hours Friday & Saturday

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