Discover More Enrollment Info

The Discover Niagara Shuttle has always been about two things: serving our riders and serving the communities on our route.

We'd like to introduce a new way to bring those we serve together, and just like our shuttle service, it's free! The Discover More program allows local businesses to provide discounts or special offers to our riders. The concept is simple. We distribute Discover More cards on our shuttles and in partner locations that provide our riders with information about the program. We'll maintain a web page on our site dedicated to the program and actively promote Discover More and our partners on social media. We aim to send our riders to your business or attraction. You just need to create an offer!

Getting started is easy. Complete our short enrollment form below. Once approved, you'll receive a Discover More sticker to place in the window of your business to let our riders know there are special offers inside just for them.

We look forward to working with you to provide our riders with exciting offers and while doing so, present business partners in our communities with new customers. We're excited for both!


Niagara Falls Underground Railroad Heritage Center