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In our first two years of operation, we’ve proven that the concept of a free shuttle connecting riders to our great attractions and unique communities would drive economic impact. We are incredibly proud of this project, and look forward to working with even more partners this year. Your support of the Discover Niagara Shuttle through advertising helps keep our service financially sound and sends the message that our local businesses support the shuttle and understand its importance. We use the word partner for a reason. We are truly all in this together, building a better Niagara!

For 2018, we’ve reduced the pricing of our advertising opportunities to include even more businesses. Our data shows that our riders are eager for experiences and want to shop in boutiques, enjoy a perfect meal, discover our natural wonders and savor a glass of wine on a sun-drenched patio. This is your opportunity to reach our riders and tell your story. Let them know what awaits them at your shuttle stop!

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  • In 2016, the shuttle generated 35M of economic impact to Niagara County
  • 70.1% of shuttle riders have a household income exceeding $45,000Shuttle riders are spending money in a variety of ways (see chart)
  • 54.1% of riders were influenced to visit our region because of the shuttleThe average number of people in a shuttle group was 3.2
  • The average number of days shuttle riders spent in the area was 3.28
  • 15.9% of shuttle riders reside outside of the US
  • More than half of the shuttle riders reside outside of New York State



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