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Last year, the Discover Niagara Shuttle delivered over 33,000 riders to destinations from the Falls to the Fort, creating a measurable and significant economic impact for our local economy. The success of the shuttle program has led to additional initiatives for 2017, notably, a new website dedicated to the Discover Niagara Shuttle and digital signage installed on the shuttles themselves.

In 2016, the Discover Niagara Shuttle information was included on the website for the Niagara Falls National Heritage Area, the organization from which the shuttle program was launched. Due to the high demand for the shuttle, and expected increase in demand for 2017, we decided the shuttle deserved its own website offering all of the information our riders need, including detailed profiles of all of the exciting destinations our riders can reach.

Last year, the average visitor to the Niagara Falls National Heritage Site that viewed our shuttle page spend nearly three minutes on the site. With a dedicated website for the shuttle, we expect our riders to be even more engaged and eager to learn about the exciting attractions and communities that await their arrival. To that end, we are seeking partners to advertise their businesses on our website, on board digital signage and social media platforms to further engage our riders and really promote not only our many local businesses, but our entire region as a whole.

We will be working hard to promote the Discover Niagara Shuttle program, and part of that effort will include heavily promoting our new website. In joining us at one of our three affordable partnership levels, know that we at the Discover Niagara Shuttle will be working hard to increase visitors to our site, downloads of our app, and riders of our shuttle which means more impressions for your ads.

We believe our digital advertising packages will be a great asset for local businesses and since our program is launching for 2017, we’re offering rates that we feel are a great value. As we assess analytics heading into 2018, it is likely our rates will go up at that point. As an incentive to join us for our 2017 season, we are locking in the 2017 ad rates for the 2018 season should you choose to partner with us again next year.

Destination Partner - $750

Becoming a Destination Partner is a great way to showcase your business to Discover Niagara Shuttle riders. We are offering a very limited number of ad spots on the destination pages on the Discover Niagara Shuttle website. These pages are where our visitors discover what is available at the various shuttle stops, so what better place to advertise your business? We’ve divided the destination pages into three zones: Niagara Falls, Lewiston, and Youngstown. Depending on where your business is geographically located, your ads will appear on pages representing the corresponding zone. For example, if your business is located in Lewiston, your ads would appear on the destination pages for Lewiston Center, Lewiston Waterfront, Niagara Power Project Power Vista, and Niagara University Castellani Art Museum. For our Destination Partners, we are seeking attractions, retail, restaurants, and similar partners so that the ads on the destination pages are relevant to our riders. The ads can be provided to us to display as-is, or, for a small fee of $50 we can professionally design an eye catching ad for you.

  • Banner ad prominently displayed on ad in relevant destination zone
  • Limited ad space available
  • Monthly reporting on impressions and clicks for ads
  • Promotion on Discover Niagara Shuttle social media channels driving visitors to ads

On Board Partner - $1500

Our On Board Partner offerings focus on reaching our riders while they are physically riding the shuttles. With over 33,000 riders in 2016 and expected growth in 2017, you can be 100% certain your advertisement will have great viewership and targeted to riders being delivered practically to your doorstep. The shuttles are equipped with flat panel displays playing informational videos for each shuttle destination to inform riders what attractions await them and the various shuttle stops. Mixed in with these information videos will be 15 second commercial spots for our On Board Partners. In addition to these videos, you may also make coupons available to our riders as they get off the shuttle at the appropriate destination for your business. You may provide a 15 second video for us to play, or, for a small fee of $125 we will professionally product a video for you.

  • 15 second promotional video played in rotation on shuttles.
  • Shuttle video includes promotional spots for shuttle destinations, mixed with 15 second ad spots
  • On board partners can distribute coupons for visitors on the shuttles
  • Given the duration of the average shuttle rider trip vs. total length of aggregated video content, your ad is likely to be seen by nearly every shuttle rider (in 2016, that was 33,000)

Heritage Partner - $2500

Our Heritage Partner package is our premier advertising offering for the Discover Niagara Shuttle program. Our Heritage Partners will enjoy a large banner ad displayed in rotation with other Heritage Partners on every single page of the Discover Niagara Shuttle website. This means a great deal of impressions and visibility for your business or organization. In addition to our website, your business will be featured in our on shuttle video rotation where we thank our Heritage Partners for their support of the Discover Niagara Shuttle program. Your logo or ad will also be included on our Discover Niagara Shuttle mobile app available for both iOS and Android. The Discover Niagara Shuttle is very active on social media while the shuttle is in season, and we’d be happy to include mentions of our Heritage Partners on our various platforms. This includes acknowledging our Heritage Partners in a post-roll piece for all videos uploaded to our YouTube channel for the season. A large percentage of our riders are local to the area, so our Heritage Partner level is a great opportunity for businesses that may not even be a directly in our shuttle’s path but seek the valuable impressions our program can provide.

  • Large banner ad displayed in rotation on every single page of the DNS site
  • Monthly reporting on impressions and clicks for ads
  • Inclusion in on board shuttle advertising on a special narrated ad with logos and voiceover, showing you as a Heritage Partner
  • Logo/Ad Inclusion on Discover Niagara Shuttle Mobile Apps
  • Acknowledgement on all social media channels
  • Logo included in acknowledgment of Heritage Partners in post-roll on DNS Youtube videos.

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